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Article: This is how SPORCKS shows itself to the world

Así se muestra SPORCKS al mundo

This is how SPORCKS shows itself to the world

Positioning ourselves at the fairs of major events and approaching athletes has always been essential for the brand. 

The evolution of SPORCKS is inconceivable without this feedback.

If there was one thing we knew from the founding of SPORCKS, it was that we wanted to get to know our customers and their needs first hand. A return that we consider necessary. To know our strengths and weaknesses that we needed to address in order to offer the best product to athletes, and for that there is no better feedback than a conversation. That's why attending the fairs of major sporting events is so important to SPORCKS.

Since the birth of the brand, we have focused part of the strategy to show our product from the same stage where the athletes' challenges are completed. The best possible decoration in which we show ourselves as we are, without ambiguities or wrappings to give that personal and close nuance that we always want to transmit to all our designs.

Since our launch in 2016, there hasn't been a season where we haven't been "exposed." Popular triathlons, the Valencia Marathon or the Ironman universe have been some of the scenarios in which we have had the best possible audit: the talk with athletes.

Valencia, where ideas are born

Valencia, where else? The 2016 Valencia Triathlon was the first event where the SPORCKS tent was shown to the public. One more step, important though, in the year of our launching and in which we feel very supported. The safety net of watching our family and friends come to see us was a trickle of conviction that helped us with the pressure of the debut. We didn't have the best place, we made some mistakes, maybe we didn't show enough products... but everything went very well thanks to the great reception that SPORCKS had among the participants of the triathlon, in which a large number of Valencians were initiated in the sport of the three disciplines.


International jump: Ironman European Championships

"Exhibitors" are becoming stronger and taking the international step. First serious field sales test in a market beyond the borders. After making his debut with Ironman in Calella, we decided to take the step to the Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt and its sister event in Klagenfurt (Austria). It was undoubtedly a key moment for our development as a brand. Professionally, we began to acquire the skills to handle an international client market and find solutions to problems that arose during three weeks away from the office. But there was more. Much more. We started to build our network of professional athletes. This is where our catalog was going to be put through its paces. The contact with our customers allowed us to improve our product, practically on the spot, and we also began to forge links that allowed us to accelerate as a competitive product at the highest level.

Calella: a watery disaster 0:05 a.m.

Calella. Rest after a hard day of traveling and setting up our stand. He's waiting for the Barcelona Ironman preview, but something's up. A phone call breaks the silence that reigned in our room. A French colleague puts us on alert: "The sky is falling, everything is flooded." Calella was the focus of torrential rains typical of the "cold drop" and our tent did not give up. Everything fell apart with the material ready to be exhibited. We ran out and tried to get all our products to safety and assumed that the tent had "passed away." The sleepless night allowed us to put our tent in perfect condition. We solved the problems with imagination and with the help of many of our clients/friends who gave us ideas and lent us a hand. We saved the fair and learned.

The perfect evolution of the Valencia Marathon

Evolution takes us to Valencia. The home Marathon is another level. Not only for its marks for history (there's Sisay Lemma's 2:01:48, the second best time of the year, in 2023) but for the professionalization of its expo. The location in Feria Valencia has been a requirement and a sign of the giant leap that the event has taken. A space of international reference, which has allowed us to expand, investing in a new space infinitely more colorful and professional. Having days of preparation beforehand, we have been able to count on the help of a company of assemblers with whom we have made the definitive leap. New graphics, new exhibition, new image, 60,000 people in two days and the usual friends to talk about sports and SPORCKS.

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