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Marathon Socks

Marathon Socks

Your garments should be as good as your trainings


  1. Composition: Fibers should be soft, breathable and moisture wicking.
  2. Flexible and light: Allows high performance during workouts.
  3. Resistant: Keep high consistency on fabric performance over time.
  4. Moisture wicking: Garments with COOLMAX® are inherent in the structure itself.
  5. Washfast: Reduce dryer use.
  6. No pilling: Yarns should avoid pilling effect without giving up its incredible touch.
  7. Comfort: Should be the first priority.
  8. Perfect fit: Natural elasticity allowing best freedom of movement.
  9. Non-erosive: Keep your skin free of blisters.
  10. Design: Dress-up with style and joy the motor of your life.


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