Dolomite Yellow- Cycling socks

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S (38-40)
M (41-43)
L (44-46)
Size: L (44-46), M (41-43), S (38-40)
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New design and winter concept socks. Introducing high percentage Merino Wool fibres to keep your feet comfortable even during the coldest days on the bike.
We just want cold beer during the cold and long season!
– Lightweight and fine confection.
– 16cm Cuff length.
– Breathable mesh.
– Merino Wool Comfort.
– Perfect winter capability.


  •  Merino wool naturally adapts to both the heat and the cold
  • Made in Spain.
  • 16cm cuff size
  • Ultra-Breathable Mesh.
  • Fabrics made from Merino wool feel soft, comfortable and luxurious.

About Merino Wool: This premium wool fibres are breathable and react to the body’s changing temperature. You only need to think for a moment about the climate in which Merino sheep live to understand that Merino wool naturally adapts to both the heat and the cold.


  • Nylon: 14%
  • Elastane: 15%
  • Lycra: 29%
  • Merino Wool: 42%