We are Jorge and Alex, two enthusiastic entrepreneurs who share the same great passion: SPORT.

Since our early childhood sport has been part of our daily activities, throughout the years we pushed to enhance our skills and performance and we have become athletes in different sports. Now sport is essential to the extent of our lives.

With hard work, drive and passion we achieved goals we thought were out of reach. Thanks to our mutual support and encouragement we successfully participated in marathons, bike races, short and long distance triathlons and our challenges are never-ending. However we do not want to limit ourselves to just be participants. We have now combined our passion for sport with fashion and lifestyle.

Our joint goal is to make you part of our vision: applying design and technology to sport equipment’s forgotten family member. There are plenty of socks brands, but none that offer stylish and high quality products at an accessible price point and this is where our inspiration started.

SPORCKS was created to allow you to demonstrate your personality, feelings and passion through its original designs. It was created to entangle you in the magic of sport, which envelopes you and will never let go.

Caress the effort


“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”

Henry Ford



At Sporcks we try to surprise people being different to the people next to you. Style and nature will show each athletes approach to Sport.


Every detail is important for us. It’s a complete circle taking care of everything that will be reflected at our customers.


We work with the best registered fibers in the market and produce only with the best.


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