2020 The invisible goal




In 2020, with the world’s population locked down and all sports events cancelled, runners, cyclists and triathletes worldwide trained with more effort and determination than ever. By telling different stories about achieving goals we aimed to get to the root of that invisible motivation that drives us to keep going.

Gómez Noya’s


Episode 01

How a professional triathlete coped with lockdown, what went through his mind as he saw his main goals being stripped away. Why keep training? We see reality though Noya’s eyes in the strangest year of his career.



Episode 02

The pandemic deprived Paz of her foremost passion: sport. After her pregnancy, she set herself the goal of running a marathon. And she did it. This time she stayed at home once again, but the setting was quite different.



Episode 03

After suffering an accident that nearly cost him his life, Eugenio not only recovered but attained peak physical performance to compete once more. Years later, a new hurdle blocked his path: Covid-19.


A very special edition

The year 2020 will doubtless leave memories. But beyond all the bad times, we also want to believe that the pandemic has made us stronger.

That is why we are launching our limited edition Covictory, whose profits will go entirely for charity to combat Covid-19. Get yours here.

Share your goal



What was your motivation during lockdown? Where was your invisible goal? Share it on your networks including a photo wearing your Sporcks and use the hashtag #mimetainvisible. The most interesting will appear in this section periodically.